June 8, 2023

6 thoughts on “Saying BLM Spent Donations On Mansions Is “Racist”

  1. If what she’s saying is wrong and RACIST then isn’t she also RACIST for doing the EXACT SAME THING she’s saying?

  2. Give me a break! This “lady” is nothing but a crook & scamster under the “guise” of BLM “movement”. GOOD NEWS! She got caught & NOBODY can save her. She “took”all the money, & “NOW” says that she had no clue.! She certainly had a clue spending all that money! Because she’s BLACK, it’s ALL RACIST! TUFF! “IS” this Black Collar crime?

  3. Black Lives Matter “means” NOTHING to “everyday” African Americans. My neighbors are “AFRO’S” & the nicest people in the world & “we” are WHITE! “We” get along great. ? WHY? wouldn’t we? I help them & they help us! We still “yak” but NOT like we used to since Biden got in. The granddaughters are getting into their “teeny” years, but they STILL come over & we can sit on my back door steps & “yak”. No more Halloween candy, OR Easter Bunnies, “just” how’s school & anything else. It’s like talking to MY granddaughters. So. “I” think that the Dems with “divide & conquer” IS A BIG TIME DUD! So’s “their” sex ed & Critical Race Theory. I’m Catholic & they are Baptist, we ALL celebrate Easter & Christmas. Both of us” love FAMILY! The “best” part “IS” that we check in with each other to “find out” “HOW” we are doing.!

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