Biden Subpoenaed Apple and Google for Journalists’ Private Data

Project Veritas has released information showing that the Biden Department of Justice issued secret subpoenas to tech giants Apple and Google demanding private information on the organization’s journalists.

They issued nine separate subpoenas demanding personal information about their journalists, including their web browsing history, payment information, MAC addresses and even their security detail.

Last month, it was revealed that the Biden Department of Justice issued a similar request to Microsoft targeting eight Project Veritas journalists. The far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said they are “deeply troubled” by the “secret electronic surveillance” of Project Veritas by the Biden deep state.

Project Veritas attorney Paul Calli noted that these secret subpoenas are in complete violation of the 1st and 4th Amendments of the Constitution as well as other well-established federal laws.

“By no reasonable measure can the wholesale seizure of newsgathering materials, attorney-client privileged communications, and irrelevant personal information be considered a proportional response to an alleged low-grade larceny, much less to a non-crime,” he said.

“The government knows the truth: Project Veritas engaged in journalism protected by the First Amendment,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said in response to the news.

As the Reporters Committee has requested of Federal Judge Analisa Torres, it is time for the DOJ’s affidavits, by which they obtained these unjustified subpoenas, be unsealed,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Biden regime allegedly falsified documents in court to spy on Veritas:

Project Veritas is making allegations that prosecutors with the Department of Justice lied in the court of law in order to gain access to the organization’s emails.

The FBI raided the home of Veritas founder James O’Keefe and two other individuals working with the organization in November of last year over the diary of Ashley Biden. Veritas attorneys have written a letter featuring evidence they they believe shows that DOJ prosecutors abused gag orders in order to obscure key evidence to the judge who authorized the warrants for the raids.

“The government’s failure to disclosure its other privilege invasions makes a mockery of these proceedings,” Project Veritas attorney Paul Calli wrote in a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres.

“The government already had in place mechanisms for circumventing these protective processes and invading Project Veritas’s First Amendment and attorney-client privileges, the existence of which the prosecutors concealed from counsel for Project Veritas and its journalists and, we believe, from the Court,” he wrote.

Veritas attorneys are alleging extreme misconduct in how the DOJ proceeded in their case against them, in what would be the latest deep state assault against political opponents of the globalist regime.

“It is impossible for us to understand how the government convinced multiple Magistrate Judges to extend non-disclosure orders for an investigation that was already public and widely-reported,” Calli wrote.”

This scandal is bigger than Watergate. The delegimized coup regime operating out of Washington D.C. is a bigger threat to Americans than ISIS, Putin, or any foreign bogeyman could ever hope to be.

4 thoughts on “Biden Subpoenaed Apple and Google for Journalists’ Private Data”

  1. If these subpoenas are indeed illegal, then charges should be brought against all those who broke the law creating them. Since that has not yet happened, perhaps they are not as illegal as some think. Sadly, the “law” changes when Justices decide that previous laws, such as the Constitution, are too vague, or not “with the times”. We need a system that allows the People to decide what the laws should be, not some appointed judge. Perhaps we need to add a Constitutional Amendment that allows the People to vote for judges, including the Supreme Court Justices. It is a sad state of affairs when Democrats don’t trust Justices selected by Republican presidents, and vice versa. A Justice should be put in place because of his or her or its knowledge of Law, not because they are Conservative, Liberal, Black, or female.

  2. Sounds like a trick they picked up form Heinrich Himmler or since they are NWO Marxists maybe Lavrentiy Beria is more their style.

    The only thing the FIB had done since WWII is frame people and be Hoover’s goon squad and the only thing there are really good at is taking credit for police work done by REAL police departments around the country.

    We need to close down the FIB (sic) and fire every one of them including the clerks and jerks,,, except for the crime lab and NCIC system, which should be turned over to the Federal Marshals . – The ATF needs to go too. Send evry one of them from the director to the janitors down the road, Their duties could be handled by the marshals too. It would much easier to maintain oversight over just ONE LEO and the Federal Marshals have a much better reputation and are the oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency.

    All the other Feds have totally lost all credibility and respect. especially since Ruby Ridge and Waco where they suffered irreparable damage to their credibility. Just a bunch of collage boy bullies with badges and jack booted Government thugs. – Not even close to being a real Policeman.

  3. Lillian C Reheusser

    And we’re supposed to believe they didn’t spy on President Trump and his campaign? Gimme me a break man.

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