June 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rules George Soros Records Must Be Released

  1. George Soros is the BANE of EVERY Democracy, since he funds ALL “leftists” wreaking havoc with ALL FREEDOMS! Any “WHACKO” leftist group has his DARK MONEY behind it. The Dems would be a start, followed by BLM, Black Panthers, Weatherman, the Government in Oregon, “defund the police” etc. Do you BELIEVE that this guy has US citizenship? ALL his FUNDS , under numerous “names” should be FROZEN EVERYWHERE! Too boot his US citizenship should be REVOKED, along with his sons who espouse this “funding” of ALL RADICALS!

    1. This guy has been a nightmare for many years. I always wondered how he got away with giving his money to those leftists. I hope he goes away in jail forever. Look a that hateful face

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