June 8, 2023

3 thoughts on “NYC Shooter’s Social Media Filled With BLM/Black Nationalist Posts

  1. Just ship him to China and save the U.S. some money. I bet he will get along with the Rulers in China. Sounds like he likes Communism , See how well he likes China .

  2. Source of income not mentioned. Had internet access and probably a cell phone. Certainly did not miss many meals. Can we expect the Ben Crump crowd to come to this brothers defense? Inquiring minds need to know,

  3. This guy did NOT act alone. He’s got ties to Philly, Milwaukee & N.J. “WHY”? leave behind evidence? This guy’s not too smart, so WHO used him to “get their point across”? Connect the dots…..How come the FBI had no clue? Easy, they are too busy “hatching” Dem plots to “catch” the RADICAL RIGHT @ any cost. I didn’t “think” too much of Hoover running the FBI, but I don’t “think”that Hoover & his “spy gang” would EVER go along with this! Washington is REALLY screwed up!

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