May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Fair? America loses gun rights over inner-city thug violence

  1. So this really surprises you? With guns as common and as easily gotten as groceries did you not expect those whose motives might run contrary to yours might just get hold of a whole bunch of them? It is a pandemic as much as COVID except a mask will not protect you from a bullet in spite of the fact that you might not approve of the life style of the shooter.

  2. I have never heard of a “ghost Gun” being used in a crime, and I a more then sure that if one was ever used in a homicide the fake news media would run the story 24/7 for 5 months.

    One more thing. How is having a serial number on a receiver make a firearm less able to be used in a crime? How is that going to prevent a stolen gun from being used in a crime? ,,,, better yet how is that going to make it less likely to get stolen?

    Did you know that is is a fellony crime for a person previously convicted of a felony crime to so much as touch a firearm of ANY kind? ,,,, For life too.

    How is anything brandon and his latest gun grabber just proposed going to have ANY affect on ANY criminal. All it;s going to do is to hurt honest American hobbyists.

    BTW Diddlebitch is worse then the clown that just withdrew. How does brandon think he he is going to get THIS commie nimrod through the senate. The child molester lover is the LAST thing he is ever going to get through this senate and the next one is going to be his worst nightmare. ,,,, besides, just how many of these dufus EO are going to stand the test of constitutionality? …. It’s going to take a judge to decide on the definition of a firearm, not the ATF making more of their capricious mandates. Fact is this might require a bill that will have to be passed into law,,,,and then survive constitutional challenges.

    By the way, Anybody else find it odd that brandon is trying to clamp down on firearm possession when several states are repealing CCW laws and going to constitutional carry. ,,,m The Ghetto criminals are the very reason that honest citizens NEED to be carrying self defense weapons. Just look at all the car jackings.

  3. Just ignore Biden. EOs are neither law nor statute and DOJ, including BATFE, do not make laws or statutes. Only CON-gress enacts laws and statutes and, so far, we haven’t seen any laws or statutes applicable to so-called ghost guns.

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