May 28, 2023

4 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Denied Transplant Because Father Is Unvaccinated

  1. ALL who decided not to perform the surgery on this little boy, because his daddy didn’t inject the poison…ARE GOING TO HELL! SICK BASTARDS! GOD WILL DEAL WITH THEM!

  2. I don’t feel that the Clinic should have the right to impose the COVID-19 Vaccination policy when it is their own child who will receive the kidney. I think the clinic is stepping on too many toes at this point; the family elects to not be vaccinated and they should be able to move forward to save their own child. Does the Clinic have a policy set in place for those children who have never been vaccinated with the normal shots that are required before children were allowed to enter public schools?

  3. Am willing to bet they have zero data on the impact of a vaxed donor on a recipient. Not one iota. Is it possible that a vaxed donor could cause the patient’s organs to fail as a result of what is in the vax? NO DATA. Bet on it.

  4. If Tanner’s father is willing to let his son receive a kidney from a less appropriate donor because he refuses to get a COVID vaccination then he is the ultimate dumb ass and his kid will begin his life with at least one strike against him due to his reliance on a sub par kidney because dad didn’t want to upset Fat Donny, Sean or Tucker.

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