May 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Here Comes the Reparations Task Force

    1. I agree…NO ONE OWES ANYTHING TO ANYBODY…You have to WORK to get what you want, not STEAL IT. The Government has for DECADES paid African-Americans to sit at home and collect welfare, etc. There are African-Americans who WORKED and got their homes, cars, education and DIDN’T rely on the Government for it. Face it, we ALL are immigrants to this country!

  1. End up like Kwanza and Ebonics? If not would current/past EBT’s be figured in? Should any form enacted be prepared for the indirect application of de facto apartheid. Those decades of improvement in acceptance, understanding and tolerance would give way to the least desirable option…..avoidance except when/where necessary.

  2. The people who live in any state that “gives” reparations need to move to another state and that way the taxes they pay (in the reparation state) will disappear and there will be no money for the leftist politicians to dole out.

  3. Enough is enough. When do taxpayers stop paying for incidents that may have occurred before we set foot on this earth? All money given to these people for welfare, schools and charities reflect little to no constructive results. To the contrary, more crime and more requests for more free everything..

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