August 11, 2022

3 thoughts on “Black News Channel Shuts Down After Failing to Pay Bills

  1. I’m sure that mr 3 name “Marc Lamont Hill”would produced unbiased commentary on the news. I’m sure that the black racial hoaxters and race panderers would not run rampant in their claims that police were hunting young black men. More likely they would found a subsidiary law firm to fleece city governments, en masses, for purported civil rights violations.

  2. “For every 17-year-old African American male that you show me that’s being carted off in handcuffs on the 10 o’clock news … I can show you 50 17-year-old African American males that get up every morning trying to figure out, ‘How am I going to make my mother proud of me.’ That’s the story doesn’t get told enough.” That is his excuse? Do other media broadcast 17 year old white males rising every morning attempting to show their mothers how to make them proud of them?

  3. You can’t move forward if you are always facing backward. There have been years of time to heal wounds and a great deal of effort has been put into alliances by black and white alike. Too many marriages, family cross marriages and business alliances have been formed between black and white citizens to allow for the deep divisions sought by BLM and their off shoots. I have friends of several races. They do not have asterisks beside their name. They are just my friends. I’m not alone in this attitude. There are many of us who are fed up with the constant racial barrage by commentators, both black and white.

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