May 28, 2023

1 thought on “Biden Flips out on Reporter

  1. This “man” cannot remember ANYTHING! “HOW” come NONE of America “knows” ANYTHING? EASY. “It’s” the “media, internet “SILENCING” FREE SPEECH”, AND “NOBODY KNOWING NOTHING”! Is “THIS”? PRAVDA or what??? Jen Psaki “IS” PRAVDA! “SKEW it AND circle around”!, AND “give NO INFO”!, about ANYTHING! SILENCE “the press”AND we’ve got Russia AND China”right here” in the White House Press Corps! NO “ONE America News,” “Newsmax “OR” Fox 5″, WHO “report” the TRUTH! ? Notice that the Dems WANT “ALL” these networks off the air? ?WHY? “BECAUSE THEY TELL THE TRUTH”!

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