August 19, 2022

10 thoughts on “Democrats Call for Gas Stimulus Money

  1. These idiots do not need to spend more money, they only have to lift restrictions to let the oil industry do what they do best and produce. MAKE AMERICA ENERGY INDEPENDENT AGAIN!

  2. As much as I would like a check each month to help with gas. Oil should be included. We need to be energy independent under President Trumps administration. Open up our oil fields an impeach Biden. The worst president this country has seen in decades

  3. The Keystone Pipeline’s purpose was to get Canadian Tar Sands oil to market through the Gulf. There are huge stretches of public land that is open for drilling that has never been drilled. Oil companies want more land classified for drilling because it restricts access to that land by the public and actually acts as an “asset” to them. Blame the oil companies for gouging you and Fat Donny’s pal Vlad for Russia’s missing contribution to the world oil market. It is the price of stopping the most outrageous act of war and aggression in Europe since WWII and it has all been at the discretion of Donny’s pal Vlad Putin. You are certainly free to try and fool yourselves if you find that boat floats better if it’s powered by pure fiction.

    1. “Solutions” presented by leftists are based on pure fiction:
      1. Government is the solution, not the cause.
      2. Profit is evil.
      3. Electric energy is clean.

      Bill Lingle, you are sinking both ends of the boat we are in.

  4. Finish pipeline and allow drilling in Alaska where we have oil. We must be energy independent as we should not be purchasing oil from countries which hate us.

    1. Using our already drained tax dollars to buy Democrat votes by giving away money is more democrat lies and idiocy. Why does Biden and Democrats hate America so much!?
      Giving out millions of dollars every month continues to increase our debt, balloon inflation and solve nothing.
      Opening the pipeline and supporting American energy companies would reduce the debt, lower inflation, reduce the “emergency “ of high gas prices, and export gas and oil to allies who would like to stop buying oil and gas from Russia. Biden, stop trying to embarrass and destroy America.
      Care for our country like the rest of us do.

  5. Biden & the Dems AND their “new green deal” ARE NUTS! America has done so much to “HELP” CO2 emissions! “WE” have the “cleanest” products world wide. BIG “polluters”? CHINA & INDIA! SO! Biden “shuts” down ALL of OUR “energy”, CREATES mass inflation AND “blames “it all on RUSSIA? Too boot, “HE” has NO SOLUTIONS “for” ANY of this! “If” you’re losing the WAR, “get rid of the General.” Come NOVEMBER “hopefully” we’ll do this! PARALYZE the White House, AND “let the people” be heard.

  6. Get the idiot in DC out of office, open up our natural resources and get the USA back to the number 1 country in the world where it was when Bumble took office. Who would have thought one man could bring down our country that fast? Wise up lefties. If this is the best you have to offer, QUIT.

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  7. Who is sensoring these comments. I just posted a negative comment about Biden and it was immediately deleted.

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