May 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “Ukraine accused of castrating Russian soldiers

  1. Politics and war create strange bedfellows. Maybe I should also include news and social media. But, the immediate issue is the violence of war. Our weak-minded society cannot realize the violence of combat via the violent movies produced in Hollywood or bloody video games played by so many immature minds. Ask any military person returning from a combat zone with TSDS. And that doesn’t address the civilians caught up in those combat zones. Add to the TSDS of civilians who have witnessed (with every God given sense) the brutality and extreme pain inflicted on parents, children, spouses, siblings, close friends and acquaintances. Then, maybe the conisuer or critic or war can begin to sense the inhumanity of war. But, before you jump on Putin, consider what brought him to ask for conversation with Zelenskyy, and the fact that Zelenskyy hid behind the NATO Aliance and innocent civilians instead of having public talks. Unfortunately, the validated lies that have previously emanated from our lying press and social media renders all information on the situation in Ukraine meaningless. The only validity we have if the compliticy of the government of the United States with the unlawful coup in 2013/14 and our president’s complicity in Ukraine’s financial affairs.

    Castration of captured enemy soldiers humane? But, neither is war. And, don’t even try to tell me who is ultimately responsible, it’s the influencer sitting in the White House.

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