June 8, 2023

2 thoughts on “Federal weaponization of banking is coming

  1. I hope that 🙏 everyone that voted for Biden out of the Hatred that Silicon Valley produced in your Hearts towards Trump knows where we are today.
    God forgive your souls, We are in our last days and you made it happen. I truly hope that you will make it right by your Highest Power. You are not at fault for getting caught up in the conspiracy of the Government and Big Tech.
    I Truly wish you well and pray that you all are the last ones suffering from it.

  2. This story seemed a bit repetitive since the story was repeated above.

    We are becoming way to reliant on smartphones. Iowa has been experimenting with digital driver’s licenses. Do I really want to hand my phone over to law enforcement when I get pulled over at the side of the road? What will he be able to access on my phone while he sits in his car for twenty minutes? Big Tech will probably give them access so that they can get anyone who acts out.

    Fortunately implanted chips will come along so that my parents, who do not use smartphones, will be able to buy their government approved dog food. While this is incredibly scary and I don’t want anything to do with it, people are already being debanked and having their cards shut off and nobody seems to care about it. You can speak of China and Canada, but we already have it here and the Democrats and many Republicans are more than happy to further restrict our freedoms everyday. I don’t always use cash, but I am glad it is there when I want it. It is downright necessary during natural disasters. Just think of all of the people who couldn’t buy anything with their EBT cards after Hurricane Sandy. Even if the government could be trusted, without power there is no money with a digital dollar.

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