May 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Counterattack Leaves Russia Shocked

  1. ?HOW? long “will” it take America to “help”UKRAINE AND “stand UP for “DEMOCRACY ! America “NOW” HAS NO DEMOCRACY! The “Dem” party is Socialist/Communist. Just “like Putin”,! STIFLE free ” speech,AND “let” Pelosi incarcerate “all” Trumpsters”in JAIL,, FOREVER!. “WHO” the hell ? IS” Pelosi to “DO” this? Guess what? The DEEP STATE “IS” so DEEP, that “it” goes right down to the Justice Dept. It’s “owned” by George Soros, & his “paid for” A.G.’s. Don’t prosecute “any body” & let, the felnons run loose.”How’s” that for DEMOCRACY?

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