August 11, 2022

4 thoughts on “Pope Francis Removes Bishop Over Vax Objections

  1. The issue of Bishop Álvaro Corrada del Río…I wanted to make a comment but the site CLAIMED my e-mail address that I’ve used profusely over the last 15+ YEARS was NOT a real address…I do believe that is their way of silencing some reviews!!! SHAMELESS pattern!!! Can we NOT trust the Catholic Church any longer under this Pope??? I’m 76 yo & never seen a politicalized Pope such as Francis…shameful…probably lost many souls!!!

  2. “Fake Pope”. Jesus would never have entrusted this man with the most Holy position on earth, guiding such a large Flock. This Fake Pope has the audacity to promote LGBTQ+ to Our followers. We see right through him. This pope has endless monetary funds to promote what ever he wants. Yet theTrue Flock is watching him very closely. We see him for what he really is. A follower of the Black Pope.

  3. I don’t recall anything in the Bible, our foundation of faith and morals, that says we must receive the covid vaccine. I’m fairly sure it mentions something about free will. Not being a biblical scholar I could be mistaken. I have received two vaccine shots but not the booster. Does this mean I must be in fear of excommunication? (Unlike our “Catholic” president who does everything he can to promote the killing of innocent babies) What a quandary. God bless you, Bishop Torres for speaking up. Our prayers are with you.

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