Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” is a must-read for any American concerned about the rising threat of Communist China. Schweizer uses no anonymous sources for the book, and every fact is meticulously documented and footnoted (1,037 footnotes total). The book delves deeply into the American elites who are getting rich by accepting cash and other benefits from the Communist Chinese Party in Beijing. This book is ugly. Perhaps the biggest surprise revealed in its pages is how Mitch McConnell’s family is hopelessly compromised by the CCP.

The second chapter of the book deals exclusively with the Biden family. The Bidens have always been a group of money-hungry grifters who would say or do anything to make a buck off of Joe Biden’s name. They’re a sleazy bunch. No, really. Do some cursory research on all the time that Joe’s extended family has spent in jail or rehab. Joe’s brother, Frank Biden, was a notorious drunk who once got busted stuffing DVD cases down his pants at a Blockbuster Video store to try to steal them. What a pack of losers!

But they’ve gotten rich sucking up to China! Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China started when Joe was in the US Senate. These deals continued while Joe was Obama’s vice president until today. How much has the Biden family made off of shady business deals with four members of the CCP (with ties to the Chinese military)? About $31 million that we know of, according to Schweizer’s meticulous research. Sounds like good work if you can find it, but then, you and I are not powerful American politicians, so… we’re not going to find deals like that.

We know from the presidential campaign in 2020 that Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” contained incredibly compromising information on Hunter Biden and his dad’s involvement in Hunter’s crooked deals. Not to mention those disgusting videos of Hunter with a Chinese hooker spy who put her best foot forward. (Note: The spy was not Fang Fang, who was rolling around in the hay with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) at the time the video was recorded.) Most importantly, Schweizer proves without a doubt from documentation that Joe Biden absolutely knew about Hunter’s crooked deals with the CCP and personally benefited from those deals. Joe Biden is a rich man because of China, Ukraine and other corrupt regimes.

Schweizer also delves into a number of other elites in America, including the Bush dynasty and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). NBA star LeBron James and Microsoft billionaire/vaccine expert Bill Gates make appearances. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and her husband make an appearance. Feinstein was and is so compromised by the CCP that her limo driver who worked for her for 20 years turned out to be a spy for the Chinese. But perhaps no information is more shocking than how totally compromised and indebted Mitch McConnell’s family is to the CCP.

Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, is a naturalized American from China. She has many family members in China still, and they own an incredibly lucrative shipping business. They ship goods back and forth between China and America on giant container ships like the ones stuck at the Port of Los Angeles for Joe Biden’s first year in office.

According to Schweizer, the Chao family business is wildly successful because the CCP has done them a lot of favors. The family’s cargo ships are all built by the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation. The construction of the ships is entirely financed by Chinese state banks, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. The crews on the ships are provided by the CCP. And Schweizer explains how most of the shipping contracts that the Chao family has in the Asia-Pacific region come directly from the CCP.

If Mitch McConnell were ever to take some sort of action against China as the Republican leader in the Senate, China could destroy the multimillion-dollar family business overnight. So, McConnell will NEVER do anything to rein in China; he has too much skin in the game.

The Chinese call this strategy “elite capture.” Rather than take on America head-to-head militarily, they seek to bribe and compromise elites in American society. It’s a strategy that’s working. Knowledge of this plot is best way to combat, so we highly recommend that you check out Peter Schweizer’s book “Red-Handed.”