Father loses custody of child for not “transitioning” them

A University of North Texas classroom filled with masked leftists in Denton erupted into chants of “f*ck these fascists” while slamming their hands on desks as Texas father Jeff Younger tried to speak on Wednesday. Younger was not thrown off, telling the ironically self-described enemies of fascism to chant “louder!”

Younger, who is running for a seat in the Texas House, lost custody of his 9-year-old twins in a court ruling because he opposed their mother’s deluded efforts to change the child’s gender. 

Hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas, Younger told the crowd he notably “attracted national attention defending his young son against being forcibly transitioned by his ex-wife.” He has stated before that he remains adamantly opposed to any pushes on children to not accept their natural gender, be it by parents or otherwise.

The Post Millenial Editor-At-Large Andy Ngo commented on the incident after its occurrence, pulling no punches away from the radical tendencies of those who seek to cancel the speech of others. Ngo noted the intensity of the event, pointing out that both “the student organizer & speaker were eventually evacuated from the event by law enforcement,” presumably due to concerns of safety.

Reporting by Ngo’s agency revealed that the happenings were first reported on by a left-wing journalist before they deleted the videos following pressure to not make their own side look bad. Thankfully, the posts have been archived.

Kelly Neidert, a student who is part of the conservative students’ group, told The Post Millennial that she noticed coverage by the left-wing journalists suddenly disappear once Ngo’s posts began to pick up steam.

“I think to the journalists that posted privated their account and blocked a bunch of people took everything down because we were getting the support and so they didn’t want that to continue,” Neidert told The Post Millennial.

The story goes into further detail, with more found by clicking here.

1 thought on “Father loses custody of child for not “transitioning” them”

  1. Righteous anger

    Wow! I feel sorry for that mother and every other parent, guardian, or judge, lawyer, politician that messes with a child’s psyche while they are too young to be cognitively responsible and spiritually accountable for their own actions. God will reap a consequence far better than I could ever dream up. “Suffer not the little children to come into Me.” – Jesus Christ, Son of God. So all these parents indoctrinating their children to change their gender, which is a blatant sin against God, are in a world of hurt come judgement day. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in God because he believes in you and you will screw yourself in the end if you continue screwing with children’s innocence, among other stuff but this is the topic at hand.

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