August 19, 2022

4 thoughts on “Fact-Checkers Release Results on SOTU

  1. Biden said that Intel was going to open a factory and invest $100B and that the average earnings would be $135,000 per year. I’m sure that it included the high salaries of the managers to arrive at this figure. He also hinted that the whole deal depended on the passage of his BBB bill.

  2. This man “is” on DRUGS! “Maybe” that’s “WHY” he goes to Del.every month for “a fix”. “He” slurs his words, “starts” out “BIG TIME”, SLOWLY “FADES”, AND THEN “makes n sense?! Believe me, “BIG” difference between “IRANIANS & UKKRANIANS!”.WHAT “IS” WRONG WITH THIS IDIOT? “HE” “reads” from the teleprompter, :can’t”get “IT” right, AND has a “whole” “Media” supporting him. People “like ME””,KNOW OTHERWISE”. “WE” are not Stupid.

  3. FJB LGB fckn Cornpop is a feckless lying sock puppet. 50 years as a grifter. Sack of shit been stealing taxpayers money. How did the grifter amass his assets on a government salary? He’s as bad as Nasty Piglosi but the biggest thief is Chimp44. He rolls into office not even worth a million and now he’s a billionaire. HOW?

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