August 19, 2022

7 thoughts on “Breaking: Zuckerberg Violated Bribery Laws

  1. Did it ever occur to Durham that maybe Zuckerberg simply wanted to support the Democrats in Wisconsin? Every “accusation” that is posed here could be easily applied to any large political contribution given to either side. The repubs just don’t seem to be able to understand that it is their absurd concept of governance and their decision that autocracy serves their needs more efficiently that resulted in their defeat in 2020. There are apparently more smart people in Wisconsin than there are Trumpettes.
    So blow your nose, hike up your pants, accept your defeat and return to trying to deprive Americans of their right to vote.

    1. Bill, there are no words to describe your “stupidity.” I’m sorry I do not like to say this, but you do not want to believe what really happened in Wisconsin and many other states. I feel so sad for you.

  2. So why aren’t these people legally being charged for their crimes. We hear all the times in the news about people committing crimes but no one gets charged and never goes to jail.

  3. There are limits to the amount a corporation can contribute to an election and the amount must be revealed and verified;I know Zuckerberg thinks he is above the law but it’s time someone put the breaks on this pig till he squeals. We have freedom of speech in America. If he want’s to manage it he should pay lots, and lots of tax for it.

  4. Time to send that greedy, dishonest morons, criminals Mark Zuckerberg and his dirty Chinese wife to prison.
    They made billions dollars from their crime in connection with China to damaged America economy and making China rich. China paid them billions of dollars to destroyed America economy and hurting Americans today in helping Democratic thugs and thieves to permanently destroyed America.

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