June 8, 2023

3 thoughts on “University Forces Maoist Professor to Drop Anti-White Policy

  1. She should be fired for racism and segregation. She should not be allowed in any capacity to teach anyone. She is straight up trash. The United States is a melting pot. We have become so spoiled that we are now creating segregation and racism where there wasn’t any. Blame the white man for everything. No!! No black people are at fault, women are at fault men are at fault, gays are at fault, transgenders are at fault. You name it! If you are butthurt then it’s probably because it’s your fault and you don’t want to accept the blame. Grow up and stop being so spoiled rotten.

  2. All this talk about race, gender, and who is first and who is last is divisive BS, I for one am sick of it. Glad this communist professor has been reined in. Until we take these social issues out of the equation, there will always be tension among the masses. Let people, whatever their situation, survive or fail on their own merit. Quit asking on all forms what ethnicity and gender people are. I don’t care and neither should the government. I do care about whether or not someone is here illegally and why the government doesn’t do something to rectify this issue.

  3. She shouldn’t have been reigned in……..
    She should have been fired and discharged from the university.
    Then she could move to Beijing with others like her where she would fit right in………..
    Until she runs afoul of the Chinese Communist social doctrines…….
    Those who don’t fit in go to the labor camp for cultural correction ………

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