May 28, 2023

7 thoughts on “DNC Congressman: Seize Trucks From Protesters Headed To Capitol

  1. This nitwit is crazy! Bad enough that grocery shelves are low, people can afford ZILCH, AND this moron wants big rigs confiscated? Maybe HE should learn how to drive one! “WHO”? voted for this WHACKO? I “think” that the American TAXPAYERS “should” FREEZE ALL Congressional salaries AND let “them” suffer like the rest of us!

  2. If they try they are in for a big surprise!!!! How come truly peaceful protests are met with threats and yet BLM literally burnt down cities and they were called mostly peaceful protests and the current Vice President helped bail all them out. This is bull crap!!!!

  3. Pardon my French, but Gallego is a FUCKING Communist in my opinion. In fact, the entire Democratic Party has gone so far left they should be left behind. Government needs to wake up and fast. Americans of every gender, color, and party affiliation have had it with government over-reach. If it’s Civil War our government wants, they may just get it; but the government will lose as government is outnumbered by 300,000,000. I might add a well known fact that Americans in general are far less polite than Canadians.

  4. Proven over and over again. We do not elect the smartest people. However you would think Arizonians would elect someone that could read … And has read the constitution and the Bill of rights, at least.

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