BLM Activist Charged with Attempted Murder of Mayor Candidate

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist and mainstream media journalist Quintez Brown has been charged with the attempted murder of Louisville Mayor candidate Craig Greenberg.

Police have charged Brown with allegedly shooting at Greenberg at 10:15 a.m. on Monday. Brown allegedly entered Greenberg’s Butchertown campaign office and shot at him with a bullet grazing Greenberg’s shirt and narrowly missing him.

Brown pleaded not guilty to an attempted murder charge as well as four counts of wanton endangerment on Tuesday. His attorney Rob Eggert says that “this is not a hate crime — it is a mental health case,” adding that Brown has been battling “mental and emotional issues.”

Cops saw Brown less than half a mile from campaign headquarters only ten minutes after the shooting. He was found with a 9mm Glock handgun in his pants pocket. Law enforcement has confirmed that a 9mm Glock was used in the shooting. Brown’s bond has been set at a mere $100,000, due to apparent privilege.

Brown has been frequently published in the Louisville Courier-Journal. In one op/ed, he made excuses for black murderers.

“The high rate of unsolved murders hurts the legitimacy of Louisville’s police department. Is the so-called Black community to blame? Self-blame, the emotional abuse inflicted upon survivors of trauma, is perpetuated by the public relations arm of the police,” Brown wrote.

“Instead of having those difficult conversations about the root causes of violence and the socioeconomic construction of poverty, we instead spend our time consuming guilt and blame while we find individuals to point fingers at. If there is no one to be found accountable, we create the boogeyman: the Black criminal scapegoat,” he added.

In another op/ed, he argued against voter ID laws and claimed they were racist against black people.

“In fact, Kentucky has always been at the center of conversation surrounding voter suppression. In 2016, the Election Performance Index MIT ranked Kentucky 44th in the nation, due to us prohibiting early voting and having strict requirements to request an absentee ballot. Kentucky and Indiana are the only states that close polls as early as 6 p.m. And by November, Kentucky is expected to have voter ID requirements,” Brown wrote.

“This history of voter suppression and political oppression is why some low-income Black residents will never feel involved in the political process,” he added.

This is more evidence that BLM is a terror movement that is at war with the rule of law. Brown has lived up to every negative stereotype with his alleged disgraceful actions.

3 thoughts on “BLM Activist Charged with Attempted Murder of Mayor Candidate”

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any notion of mental illness in his writing! And he certainly doesn’t mix messages. He definitely plays the victim for all Black people in his writings. It is the responsibility of the police to find the guilty party. It is not their job to solve the reason behind the increasing crimes but to solve the the puzzle by finding the criminal based on the facts. This guy is a racist and deserves to have the book thrown at him for attempted murder. Plain and simple. He did the crime. He does the time.

  2. This is a primitive savage who should be eliminated from society. Using excuses alluding to ‘mental health case” is not the way to stop criminal behavior. Should our lives be subjected to harm or death threats as a result of criminals escaping proper punishment because their protectors claim it is mental? Bond see at $100,000 is a joke. No bond should be issued, his actions could have killed the candidate for mayor.

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