June 8, 2023

7 thoughts on “Afghan Islamic State branch could attack US in 6 months

  1. OK, knowing they will attack in 6 months, what is being done to prepare regular, normal citizens to counter or avoid this attack? ANYTHING???WHY NOT??? WE, the ordinary people should be able to know how to protect our families and avoid destruction. Is Biden even willing to help us or is he just going to take care of himself? WE need time & knowledge to protect ourselves and to recognize anyone who might be a perpetrator.

    1. If you count on traitor in chief! That disgusting pile of filth, has been giving them THOUSANDS if not more, of arms and amo. He rejoices at the thought of ruling over body bags and ashes. I hope their first stop, will be at his house!

  2. Is it clear to anyone else reading this WHERE this attack(s) could occur? Does Under Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl actually believe there is a possibility of attack ON THE CONTINENTAL U.S., and have elected representatives been advised of this? If this is the case, how much longer until:
    1. the media mentions it
    2. elected representatives mention it and begin preparing a defense
    2. people currently crossing our southern border are scrutinized
    3. the 1.7 Million people that did cross the border last year are scrutinized
    4. the midnight flights delivering people to airports are scrutinized, or simply ceased
    5. the general population of citizens (targets) are advised

  3. Just like the Ukraine, Biden was busy trying to provoke a battle, and sent 8000 troops overseas and in the wrong area, what makes you think he’s going to move those troops into position to prevent this? or bring them back to help counterattack? yes, your right Biden should be doing something to let the American people know that we are in a state of alert. and how to defend ourselves. but just like the pandemic, NOTHING. he’ll wait and force his own ideologies upon us. and brain wash the masses into believing whatever crawled up his ass. and all those politicians too!

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