June 8, 2023

3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Leader Receives 6-Year Prison Sentence

  1. What about the $60 million that BLM has and a lot of that money was used to buy big expensive mansions? Who’s going down for that? People donated to this organization with the belief that the money they donated was going to black people in need and none of that money went to a worthy cause. It went into the pockets of BLM leaders! BLM is a complete scam!!

  2. And what about the fraud and the looting and the burning down of businesses, and the lives lost during these horrible unlawful events? Who’s going to get justice for all of that?? 6 years is a joke and only for one person! There are so many more that need to go down!

  3. ONLY 6 years? What a wonderful justice system we have! Good thing we have THE BEST JUDGE in the world……GOD! And where this lowlife witch will be, WILL TAKE ETERNITY TO MAKE AMENDS!

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