May 28, 2023

5 thoughts on “Health Care Cost Spike: Biden pushing for trans-surgery mandate

  1. Of course, Biden and his handlers are in a rush to push transgender surgery through. They want it, so no one else has a say. This type of surgery is NOT reversible and it should be decided by the person/adult for themselves. NOT for a child decided by an a adult who obviously does not have their best interests at heart. The Biden admin, AMA, and APA, and others are in on this travesty.
    Transgender and cosmetic surgeries should NOT be paid by the US taxpayers.

  2. this traitor’ pedo in chief pushes ANYTHING that will give him votes! He got votes from criminals, migrants, dead people, and now…the freaks!

  3. Trangender surgery, but No surgery for the Un-Vaccinated. This whole world needs transformation. Maybe a New Boston Tea Party!!!!! Wake Up Joe Biden and his motley crew.

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