Zuckerberg shuts down Canadian Truckers

A popular Facebook group for American truckers planning to protest against Covid-19 related mandates was purged by the social media platform Wednesday, leading to accusations of “censorship.”

The group, which was called “Convoy to DC 2022,” had at least 137,00 members prior to its removal. It was inspired in large part by the Canadian freedom convoy taking place in Ottawa and other cities throughout the nation, which Big League Politics recently covered here.

Jeremy Johnson, who is the group creator and one of the U.S. protest organizers, told Fox News Wednesday that Facebook’s action was “censorship at its finest.”

“They like to silence people that speak the truth,” Johnson said of his group’s ban.

A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company, Meta, said in a statement: “We have removed this group for repeatedly violating our policies around QAnon.”

Brian Base, another organizer of the U.S. convoy, claimed Facebook’s characterization of the group is nothing short of false of the group during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“I have to laugh about that. Can they contact me or something? Can we talk? That’s not true,” he said. “They actually had offered the administrators to remove content and then request to review again. They didn’t even give that option.”

“They literally wiped Mike Landis and Jeremy completely out of Facebook,” he said. “They don’t even have a profile anymore, so how are you supposed to request a review or remove anything?”

Landis, who is a trucker and fellow convoy participant, said that mass protests against draconian Covid-19 mandates in the United States were “a long time coming.”

“The presence of that amount of people that show that they are unhappy with what’s going on is a good way to hopefully get their attention,” he said.

The protest organizers added that they hope a wide range of Americans will come out to support them before stressing that freedom is a cause that all Americans can join together and get behind.

“This crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all occupations,” Brase said. “Truckers might be standing up, but it’s not about the truckers. It’s about America.”

“The government needs to really take a look at what the American people want,” Johnson said. “And they don’t want mandates.”

Big League Politics has covered Orwellian censorship by Facebook and other big tech conglomerates in the past, including in a recent exclusive about Google’s decision to completely purge any search results of an anti booster mandate petition directed at the California public universities off the internet.

9 thoughts on “Zuckerberg shuts down Canadian Truckers”

  1. Lillian C. Reheusser

    This jackass would remove Biden if they disagreed on the flavor of ice creams. Never joined facebook and never would. What a self- absorbed piece of crap. Another one who doesn’t deserve to be a member of the human race.

    1. I’m late to the chat but I agree. I didn’t fall for bookface, I don’t play bookface or tweeter or kit kot. None of it. I’m sorry I don’t care what you are for dinner, who you’re with or where ya’ went. I just don’t give a damn, I’m busy doing me and keeping a low profile. Everything you need to know about Suckerberg is evident by his haircut.

  2. Don’t understand why so many people with money are trying to destroy the rest of the American people. They are stopping us from getting food sn goods we need. I’m sure they have everything they need an want. Tell me WHY

  3. ThinkForYourself

    When I heard the US convoy was being organized on “Fakebook”, I thought this might happen and hoped they had a backup plan just in case. “Fakebook” doing this won’t stop the convoy from happening and could actually increase their numbers, although it would be hard to know how much impact it will have. Bottom line, the convoy is coming. Stock up on Food, Supplies and Gas, because if you thought the shelves were bare before, wait till this happens.

  4. Mr. F er I mean Zuckerberg is quite a little fascist, isn’t he? He also at one time referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as ”a mass murderer” I recall. A mass murderer? Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself
    while some redneck troglodytes chased him down a Street while screaming ”kill that mother f-r”!
    And in selfdefence while fearing for his life he had to use his weapon, and two of these hillbillies died.
    How does that make him a mass murderer?! He should sue the hell out of this twerp Zuckerberg, for at least 100 M $ or more!

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