May 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Team USA athletes told to “shut their mouth” about this

  1. Yep and the liberal females that wanted to have them join are now being shown the true facts. Something liberals know nothing about. If all the women get together and boycot or don’t race what are they going to do? Fight for your rights ladies!!!!!
    They have no choice but to fix the problem if you ban together!

  2. The women having to compete against biological and actual men will become fair – eventually – until then – ladies – work to STOMP them into the track – YOU can do it!!! We have overcome these things for GENERATIONS and have proved us correct!!! Realize that you too are going to “show them” for the benefit of your children & grandchildren!!! We’ve done it before in other venues!!!

    1. “Will become fair”. When ??? This is unjust and unfair and should be dealt with now. Girls and women should not have to compete against males. Period.
      Your messsge sounds like a good pep talk but it should not be happening.
      2 sexes = 2 races. Come up with extra races for others. I don’t mean to sound prejudice, but I don’t want to see females being eliminated.

    2. Every single female should train hard, be totally prepared to win and when lined up at the start line for the competition in whatever event you are prepared to participate in; simply stand up totally erect and walk off the field. When questioned, read a pre-arranged statement explaining, in full detail, the complete problem with trans competition.

  3. Observing the blatant unfairness of women competing against trannies, may I suggest that the women refuse to compete. Show up to the start line but when the gun goes off, just stand up straight and watch him run all by his lonesome. The spineless woke officials and sponsors will eventually get the message that women don’t want to compete with men. They want to compete with REAL women. Go woke, go broke.

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