May 29, 2023

1 thought on “Schools across America implement BLM Week

  1. If schools are going to be required to teach Black history and ethnicity rather than American, that is a serious racist issue. America was made up of dozens of different cultures, and all are important. The French and the Italians came here during and after WWII and began the American wine industry. This industry, young compared to European vintners, has won world-class wine awards. This is an important part of our history that is ignored in schools. We need to teach American history, all of it, of all races, rather than declaring that the contributions of any one race or nation of origin are more important than the others. Who in the train industry would deny the importance of Elijah McCoy? How many who study science would deny the contributions of Benjamin Banneker, or Louis Latimer? All three of these men were Black, and I never saw any of their names in the traditional school history books. We have had movers and shakers in business, politics, and science come from all nations and races, so to ignore some of them based on race is not a good study of history. Some history books have already done that, and the practice should not continue by substituting one race for another as the most important in history.

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