Spirit Airlines Forces Passenger to Remove ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Mask

On Friday, a Spirit Airlines passenger was forced to cover his “Let’s Go Brandon” mask by a flight attendant who claimed the mask was “offensive.”

Passenger Adam Radogna, who was flying from Cleveland, Ohio, to Tampa, Florida, late last week, posted a video revealing that he was forced to remove his mask and replace it with a paper medical mask after he got to his assigned seat.

Radogna posted a video showing the flight attendant demanding he remove his mask, and when he asked why, the woman replied, “It’s offensive … it can be to some people, so we’re not going to go back and forth. Go ahead and put the blue one on, OK?”

After donning the paper mask given to him by the flight attendant, Radogna remarked, “This is not America anymore.”

Radogna was also wearing a “Let’s Go, Brandon” sweatshirt, but the flight attendant didn’t say anything about the shirt.

Radogna argued with the airline employee about free speech but lost the argument.

In a second video made when he arrived in Florida, Radogna says, “We live in America. This is Florida. This is the free state of Florida.”

Radogna also confronted a second flight attendant on the ground and exclaimed, “If I had BLM on here or something else, would it have been fine for her?”

3 thoughts on “Spirit Airlines Forces Passenger to Remove ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Mask”

  1. Given how divided and combative (high incidence of issues reported on airlines, plenty due to unreasonable passengers as well as unreasonable cabin crew) people are now, avoiding provocations wouldn’t be a bad idea, IMO. Neither #LetsGoBrandon nor BLM are particularly helpful to display in uncomfortable crowded conditions where people cannot just get up and leave. That’s not a question of free speech (which PRIVATE entities can pretty much restrict as they please on their premises or vehicles or platforms – our choice is simply not to patronize them, which may sometimes leave no alternatives if all their competitors do the same) but of courtesy and good sense and preferably SELF restraint. I would very much like to see the entire left (and whatever largely imaginary other flavors of actual extremists may exist) humiliated right out of the political universe, but I see little reason to start a riot by wearing a t-shirt to that effect in a crowded and confined location.

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