August 11, 2022

1 thought on “Democrats Can’t Tell the Truth About Ukraine

  1. The flip side is that Russia has always wanted to dominate Europe, and that they are quite paranoid (based on invasions by Napoleon and Hitler, not to mention seeing others as if others behaved with motivations like their own, only dumber), although today’s and foreseeable future Europe has nobody with interest or inclination to invade Russia; certainly the US doesn’t want to (although I doubt anyone would mourn an unfortunate end for any totalitarian, which includes Putin). To be sure, the US would be glad to have an end to Russia’s share (not that we don’t do our own, but it is NOT particularly well focused on opposing Russia or even China) of meddling in the world (generally on behalf of countries that would win no awards for liberty either), whether by containment or by more cooperative means. And despite Washington’s advice about avoiding foreign entanglements, we DO have worldwide interests – some fraction of which is our own fault for selling off resources and outsourcing manufacturing; but we’d need access to some resources scarce here (rare earths and titanium, for example) and want unobstructed access to customers worldwide, regardless.

    I think the real reasons that the Democrats hate Russia is (a) it makes them look tougher than they are, and (b) Russia is not the USSR, and Putin is not a communist anymore, nor advancing communism, but merely supporting whoever might help keep the US off balance. The more vocal Democrats (those furthest from the center) all love communism, loved Castro and folks like murderer Che Guevara, and for example Bernie Sanders even said nice things about mass murderer Stalin. They aspire themselves to that sort of absolute power, to be able to purge anyone who opposes them. Putin is a totalitarian but an EX-communist, that’d be a total betrayal in their view, far worse than any question of how bad a totalitarian is regardless of ideology.

    I think Putin’s long-term mistake is cozying up to China in any way more than cosmetically, and supposing that Russia can dominate Europe to obtain the economic, manpower, and technological means to oppose China when China no longer needs Russia as an ally. If Putin hadn’t cornered himself with pride, he’d quietly try to get along with the west, to set the ground for a cooperative rather than Russia-dominated counterbalance to China.

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