The diabolical nature of the Communist poison produces a culture defined by absurdity and hypocrisy.

Communism has produced an atmosphere of tension in the United States of America through a bombardment of constant change. Everyday American’s are then left with the tactical maneuvering.

The desire to destabilize society in America even further by the Communist-left is the reason I believe we should be implementing the Texas anti-Communist law now. As the political prostitutes in Washington DC continue their perpetual treason and the Communist one-world government continues to wage war against the American people. These insidious tactics being used deserve a response.

The bloody beginning of Communism in the Bolshevik Revolution became a template for other Communist regimes. Whether it be China and the great leap forward or the killing fields of Cambodia, the mass murderer and genocide associated with Communism is the reason for such opposition against it. It is a system that is anti-humanity.

The atrocities caused and the global ambition of world domination is the reason we must take a stand in the state of Texas. The villainous behavior is almost unreal and may be fueled by a one-world Communist government looking to kill or enslave the entire human population.

Yes, you can call me a McCarthyist. I believe Sen. Joseph McCarthy was right to be so aggressive with the Communists. And in the current reality we live in, I believe he is vindicated.

From the woke military, to the so-called “diplomacy” of the United Nations, to the intelligence gathering by government agencies, to the economic sabotage, to the manipulating of science, to the political prostitutes and their perpetual treason. The Communists infect and attack from all different spheres of influence, leaving the population in a state of perpetual spiritual gorilla warfare.

In 1954 the reason the anti-Communist law was passed was to be able to prosecute Communists for violence and for trying to subvert the United States Constitution.

The law hasn’t been enforced and still isn’t being enforced. We have the means to fight Communism in the state of Texas that could help the rest of the country and perhaps the entire world. Here in Texas, we must have a greater animosity toward Communism. Our vitriol and hostility must grow as the Communist threat grows.

Communism is antithetical to the United States Constitution and humanity. We should do everything we can in the state of Texas to form a barrier of freedom. Our greatest goal should be to preserve liberty for future generations of Texans, and we already have the laws to do so.

Let’s get to it!