June 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “Neil Young Threatens Spotify over Joe Rogan

  1. Neil Young doesn’t speak for those of us that have the foresight to educate ourselves about the so-called vaccines (gene therapy)! Young can go back under his rock as he has proven he not that smart!

  2. Typical. Our information is true so yours must be false so do what I say or not. I say quit supporting Neil Young, I am

  3. Neil young is a had been. Who cares if his music is removed. Who would miss it or notice it was gone

  4. Hey Neil….when were you promoted to the head of the “I’m in charge of what is true” dept? It is apparently inconceivable to our imported, resident Canadian, over inflated, tyrannical (ask his band mates…Young’s ….well…not a very nice guy to work with, lets not say azzwhole…but..) bag of self important flatulence, that anyone, ANYONE, should dare to not accept said bag of flatulence’s opinion as Universal Law…..the unmitigated gall of some people….thinking for themselves…who do they think they are? We are in serious trouble here folks. Sit down and count the symptoms. Division…for any and every reason….the slow but steady assault on our national history, the insidious indoctrination taking place, well, everywhere…mass invasion of illegals being aided buy the federal government, no less, and being secretly spread thru the entire nation by dark of night…
    this is NOT the beginning, we are entering the end game, and we better wake up.

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