May 28, 2023

6 thoughts on “Migrants threaten violence if not allowed to cross border

  1. The illegal migrants should be met at the border with tanks and armed Marines. After several dosen are killed
    maybe they will go back where they belong.

  2. Our entire southern border should lined with machine guns facing south. Illegal is criminal and must be addressed as such. Never should anyone of these criminal invaders be permitted entry.

  3. eh….ya wouldn’t have to shoot too many, even a couple rounds fired over their head would set these macho minions scurrying… they came because Soros promised them entry and put em on buses to Mexico…this ain’t a brave bunch. They just think they are cause president DumAzz is handing out free passes. The Mexicans are proving to be much smarter than our present…ahem…”leaders”….and I use the term loosely….

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