May 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Gen. Flynn: Don’t Believe Biden on Ukraine

  1. Biden doesn’t care who he has a war with, Biden and his family stole millions of dollars fro the Ugraine, Biden is a brainless idiot and i wouldn’t trust him past my little finger. I truly believe Obama is leading the way and biden is his gofer the world is being destroyed by these Gestapo, corrupt criminals.

    1. Donna Marie,
      I agree with your assessment and position, however lets get it all out on this table – the globalists/elites have way more in mind than just the US. They want every nation, every country, to succumb to their will of tyranny. We are just pawns to them.
      We need to stop THEM as well as the idiots in Washington. Big job, but we can do it.

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