May 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “Revenge: Two Dozen FBI Agents Search Home of Anti-Biden Democratic

  1. Just more of the Evil being done by the leftist to chase out or force into line those who are trying to do the right thing by their Constituents. Biden/ Harris fiddld while the Nation Burns. Biden/Harris, their Cabinet, the Attorney General, F. B. I., Pelosi, and Schumer all are part of the Problem they have all sold ther Soul’s to George Soros who as an agent of Lucifer meaning theyhave sold their soulsnot to GOD but to the Liar, Theif, and Murderer from the beginning. Those I named all have plenty ofBlood on their Hand’s!

  2. There is a recent pattern of FBI intimidation that is reaching from home raids of private citizens who have complained about Marxist policies in our public schools to those who believe the 2020 election was a fraud. Where is Chris Wrey these days to give an account of himself on these and other investigations? No doubt muzzled by the slippery slime dog Merritt Garland.

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