May 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Cameras Catch Creepy Items Lurking in Dr. Fauci’s Office

  1. Give me a break. The GUY”has an “EGO” problem .He’s NOT “UP on the latest Data. ANYTHING, “THAT” his guy “says “IS. BOGUS”! He”s 80+ years, ,NEVER ,PRACTICED MEDICINE & “NOW” HE is telling “US” what to do? “HES has no “CLUE” AND we’ve been “listening”to “this guy”, re: MASKS, “Vaccines””& 6″‘spaces! Fauci “wants” ALL of “US’ , “UNDER HIS THUMB”, AND QUITE FRANKLY ,”WE ARE ALL SICK OF IT! “This guy” IS DEEP STATE PLUS!

  2. You’re right Georgine! He probably has the photos of all the puppies he had tortured! POS! What makes me smile is the thought of him coming face to face with God, on judgement day! Have a nice trip, jackass!

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