Passing legislation that will strip away photo ID requirements for voting, allow the federal government to control state elections, and more is a massive priority for Democrats.

They have pulled out every stop to make this happen, although, so far, Democrats aren’t getting the results they want. The left has gone so far that even the moderates on their side of the aisle want to tone things down a bit.

At this time, Democrats are running with a narrative that not passing their elections legislation will lead to the end of US democracy. They’re also falsely stating that Republicans across the country are intentionally trying to freeze specific demographics of Americans out of the voting process.

As RedState reports, the demonstrably fictitious nature of these claims (and more) isn’t stopping leftists from running with them.

Since the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have claimed that Republicans are sowing baseless doubts about the integrity of our country’s elections. At the same time, the Democrat Party is claiming if their bills don’t pass Congress, then swaths of Americans will be left out of the voting process.

Leftists from Biden to CNN’s Jake Tapper and other characters are saying anything they think will stick in the name of passing the aforementioned legislation. Biden compared folks who didn’t want to overturn the filibuster to racists and proponents of segregation.

Meanwhile, Tapper declared leftist elections bills as the anecdote to the supposed GOP crusade to suppress votes. It comes on top of newfound leftist calls for everyone to “pay attention” to the folks responsible for counting votes in elections held across the nation.

The truth is that the Democrats cannot have their cake and eat it too. The same people who claim the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in US history are now also declaring elections in the nation won’t be safe without federalizing elections run by the states.

Amid the stream of lies, finding the truth can seem challenging.

The truth is that Democrats are horrified at the prospect of losing the midterm elections in November. They know that checks and balances will be restored to the federal government without a Senate and House controlled by the Democrat Party.

Because Democrats have gotten to be so extreme and so radical, any scenario where they’re unable to impose their will unilaterally is a scary one. As the leftist lies about US elections keep coming, Americans must remember the truth and vote accordingly in November.