4 and 13 NFL Coach’s Firing called “Racist” by ESPN

The co-host of “Undefeated” on Fox Sports 1, Skip Bayless was livid about the firing of Houston Texans head David Culley, after the franchise finished with a putrid 4-13 record in the 2021 season.

On January 14, 2021, Bayless criticized the NFL for having one black head coach “as we near yet another Martin Luther King Day on Monday.”

Trent Clark of Breitbart News observed that Culley’s firing came after the Miami Dolphins gave Brian Flores the pink slip after leading his team to a 9-8 record. In his tenure as head coach of the Dolphins, Flores cobbled together a sub-par 24-25 record

This has left Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as the only black head coach left in the NFL.

Bayless was ashamed of the NFL for only having one black coach “as we near yet another Martin Luther King Day on Monday.” He described it as “disgusting” and “inexplicably wrong.”

“Yesterday afternoon, when I saw that David Culley, my Vanderbilt man, former Vanderbilt quarterback, from my school, got fired after one set up to fail year, and it dawned upon me that only Mike Tomlin is the last man standing — the last black head coach in the National Football League on the eve of the playoffs. It rocked me because the gravity of it hit me as we near yet another Martin Luther King Day on Monday. This is impossibly wrong. It’s almost surreally bad. It’s a bad look. It’s a bad feel. It’s a bad taste,” Bayless remarked.

“[W]e both love the NBA, as we love the NFL. And as we speak, there are 14 black head coaches in the NBA out of 30 franchises. There are 14 out of 30. That’s almost 50%,” he added. “I think you would say that is pretty great; that is how it should be, right? Thank you. There is one of 32 in the National Football League. One of 32?”

“[A]t the coaching position, just the head coaching position, it is shameful, it is disgusting, it is embarrassing, and it’s inexplicably wrong,” Bayless continued.

Mainstream American sports commentary has become insufferable lately. It’s laden with overly/politicized commentary that has nothing to do with sports.

Sports are all about performance. When coaches can’t steer the ship, they get the boot. Simple as that.

However, the mainstream sports commentary space is completely filled with woke nonsense that has very little to do with actual sports commentary.

People who want objective sports commentary that’s free of leftist beliefs should follow Barstool Sports and Outkick instead. 

4 thoughts on “4 and 13 NFL Coach’s Firing called “Racist” by ESPN”

  1. Almost every player is black so is that racist against white people? If the whole league was black owners, coaches and players black people wouldn’t think that was racist at all. I am so sick of hearing this crap every position can’t be filled with black people.

    1. Lisa, I agree! I grew up in Africa & I loved it, but I was definitely in the minority!!! Africans are just happy to have a meal a day & have clothes that last until the clothes wear out!!! Africans are SURE thankful for the little they have! Over here, Americans are SO spoiled!!!!

  2. ESPN is stupid and hypocritical with this idiotic stance about black coaches, or the lack of them. I’m sick of this nonsense. It’s all about performance you fools. Never mind the fact that over 3/4ths of the players are black. Nobody complains. Nobody calls it racist. It’s all about performance. Perform or loose your job

  3. More ridiculousness from the crybaby “victims”. Perform or get fired. Period. Bending over backward and hiring people who are sub-performers or keeping them after they provide their sub-par performance is something that is ruining this country. In all walks of life. All in the name of “equity”. If you want equity then perform like the better performer that was passed over to hire you. That would be equity. But only when your “minority” status loses it’s minority and you are no longer considered a minority. As a minority you can expect to be in the minority as far as employment is concerned so quit crying about it. It makes you look immature.

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