January 29, 2022

5 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Blames ‘Rust’ Shooting’ on Right-Wing Rags’

  1. Alec is such a scumbag but typical for a liberal never accept responsibility for anything. Nobody will have any compassion for him after years of listening to this loser attack everyone verbally and physically.

    1. baldwin is a schmuck! When it comes to brain matters, he doesn’t have any! He’s always been a pig (acyually pigs have more heart and brains than this libTURD/ DEMONICrat retard) He is consumed with hatred for ANYONE who doesn’t agree with his highness! Being in hollyweird, between all the pedophiles, rapists, all the filth on the screen, he thinks he’s king! Yeah, King Shit! There aren’t enough of good people who love the Lord, in that cesspool, but thank God for Denzel, and all the Lord loving folks, who KNOW their poop stinks. Back to the jackass. He’ll NEVER admit that he screwed up, and this poor lady, is dead BECAUSE OF HIM!

  2. Actually when he said “We WILL be complying” it means he actually isn’t complying at the moment, which means all the “right wing” media is putting out the truth.

  3. Baldwin should go back to just acting. He was pretty good, but has obviously reached his level of incompetence. Blaming everyone else for his failure is typical of his type.

    In addition, he should be banned from ever holding any weapon again.

  4. Why has this guy not been indicted? If this were you and I we would have been charged immediately. He shot and killed another individual.

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