August 19, 2022

1 thought on “POLL: Most Democrats Now Favor Social Media Censorship

  1. I doubt very much that more than half of Americans are perfectly OK with their children seeing pornography on the social media sites, and that is what could happen with a total ban on limits on what can be posted. No matter what anyone posts, even if it is promoting positive attitudes, there will be someone who will be offended by those posts. The answer would be to prohibit bans other than language, imagery, and the like that have been banned for decades on radio and television, and then make slander, libel, and defamation of character criminal, rather than civil offenses. In that way, if anyone posts a falsehood intended to harm another, the target does not have to pony up money for a civil lawyer, as the authorities could take care of the matter. Politicians and reporters would be far more careful about what they say if the penalties could include jail time.

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