Texas Senator Ted Cruz already showed his establishment colors on January 5, 2021 when he called the January 6 protestors who “terrorists.”

As if Ted Cruz’s descent into establishment idiocy wasn’t enough when he adopted the regime’s prevailing narrative on January 6, he took it another level by criticizing the Biden administration for its alleged plan to reduce American troops in Eastern Europe.

The Texas Senator tweeted, “Unbelievable, and not just because of the timing. If Biden was trying to signal weakness & surrender to Putin, what would he be doing differently?”

According to a report by Courtney Kube, Dan De Luce, Carol E. Lee and Andrea Mitchell at NBC News, the Biden administration is proceeding to enter talks with Russia about scaling back both U.S. and Russia troop deployments and military drills in Eastern Europe. 

These talks will likely be addressing the scope of military drills that both nuclear powers conduct, the number of American troops stationed in the Baltic states and Poland, advanced notice about troop movements, and Russia’s nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the Russian city of Kaliningrad between Lithuania and Poland.

This comes at a time when tensions between Russia and Ukraine have reached a fever pitch, with the U.S. finding every way possible to insert itself in this conflict that kicked off in 2014. The Russo-Ukrainian War was sparked by the controversial ousting of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, which saw subsequent Russian military interventions in the Crimean peninsula and Eastern Ukraine.

What’s happening in Ukraine is clearly an affair that both parties and the European Union should handle. The U.S. should stay out. 

However, people like Cruz are stuck on neocon tropes and religiously committed to maintaining the U.S.’s imperial presence abroad.

One has to wonder if Cruz would devote so much energy and attention to the U.S. border with Mexico, an area that is looking more and more like a conflict zone thanks to the U.S.’s porous border and its lack of attention paid towards Mexico and Central America.

BLP previously reported on Cruz’s sensible call for halting the issuance of guest workers visas during the initial stages of the Wuhan virus and his decision to block the acceptance of Hong Kong refugees, which were laudable moves on his end.

However, it’s clear that Cruz’s priorities are not straight. The grassroots, national populist Right will need to remind Cruz that it’s not the U.S. government’s duty to fortify Eastern European countries’ defenses.

Instead, the focus should be on securing our Southern border and making sure that the problems of the Western Hemisphere don’t wash up on our shores.