August 19, 2022

4 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Republican Accused of Molesting 15 Year Old

  1. So, this “molestation” went on for 10 years, and Ms. Chatfield decided to just not mention it to anyone during any of that time? Or, she could have just made it all up on the spot because he upset her. Since this article offers no proof that any of it happened, it may not have. Her lawyer made claims that Mr. Chatfield had affairs when he was married but has offered no proof or evidence of any of these alleged affairs, so all of the claims against him could be falsified with the intent of defaming him.

    1. No proof or evidence was brought forth by Nadler or Schiff regarding President Trump, so why, now all of a sudden, should these things be required for the pedophile Chatfield?

    2. Did you read the article? Chatfield ADMITTED the abuse and only denied the acts prior to her age of consent (convenient?) It’s his word against hers, but his admission gives more credence to her word!

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