August 19, 2022

2 thoughts on “The UN’s Strange Obsession With Israel

  1. Then why doe4s Israel pull back to the agreed to lines when they went from Europe to Israel, Great britian at the time controlled the entire area and agreed with those seeking to go to Israel after WWII, and drew up limes and a treaty which Israel signed . In less than 60 years Israel had violated that treaty and moved to take over part of Jordan and Egypt, which erupted in the war, which without US support Israel would have lost, causing bad relations with both Jordan and Egypt our former allies. Israel is and always has been the aggressor in the area, not Palestine. Israel at any time takes homes and farms belonging to Palestine people for 100s of years and drives the Palestine people off of their own land. If it were not for the US always vetoing the process at the UN then the UN forces would have stopped Israel years ago, and there would be peace there now.

    1. Because Israel was attacked by those said countries and won that territory to further insulate themselves from those who want to destroy it. But I suspect you already knew that.

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