Tucker Carlson assailed House Rep. Eric Swalwell for suggesting that air travelers should be required to get vaccinated while bizarrely accusing the California congressman of having contracted ‘multiple chlamydia infections.’

The Fox News host made the claim during his primetime talk show on Monday night. During the segment, he included a graphic which portrayed Swalwell ‘in bed with Fang Fang.’

‘Fang Fang’ is a reference to Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese spy who helped raise money for several Democratic Party politicians, including Swalwell. 

Swalwell, who married his second wife Brittany in 2016, has not confirmed or denied allegations that he and Fang were involved sexually. 

Swalwell, the Democrat from California, drew Carlson’s ire after tweeting: ‘On a flight now to Bay Area and it is one-hundred percent batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly.

‘It’s unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting the virus.

‘Requiring the vaccine to fly is the LEAST we can do to stop the spread.’

Carlson blasted Swalwell’s suggestion during his monologue on Monday.

‘Well, the lesson that Eric Swalwell is drawing from all of this is that unvaccinated Americans should be banned by law from flying on airplanes in their own country,’ said Carlson.

‘Now, the airlines disagree with this. They thought a lot about it. So does any sane physician. They have too.

‘But Eric Swalwell, who’s probably the most physically unclean member of Congress, now imagines himself a public health official with the power to make these decisions.

‘So before we go any further and grant Eric Swalwell that power, we probably oughta see his medical records.

‘It’d be kind of ironic if a guy with multiple chlamydia infections was lecturing the rest of us about how to keep safe from a virus.

‘We await that data.’

There is no suggestion that Swalwell has ever contracted any STIs, and Carlson offered no further evidence to back up his assertion. 

Carlson’s mention of Swalwell was preceded in the segment by his noting of the fact that two Democratic senators – Cory Booker of New Jersey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts – announced they tested positive for COVID-19.

‘Booker and Warren had at least six vaccine injections and now they’re sick,’ Carlson said.

‘So what is the lesson here exactly?’

In 2015, Fang fled the United States after spending years allegedly targeting up-and-coming politicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere who had potential to become prominent on the national stage.

It has been alleged that Fang used her charm and network abilities to gain proximity to powerful figures. Current and former US intelligence officials told Axios she may have been involved sexually with at least two Midwestern mayors.

Fang is said to have taken part in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s re-election campaign in 2014.

She is also alleged to have placed an intern in Swalwell’s office. Photographs surfaced showing Fang and Swalwell posing together.

In 2015, federal investigators alerted Swalwell to their suspicions that Fang was working on behalf of Chinese intelligence.

The California lawmaker cut ties to Fang and he has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

During the investigation into her activities, Fang fled the country in 2015.

Federal investigators have alleged that Fang’s activities are part and parcel of escalating Chinese efforts to gain access to key American policymakers. 

Swalwell has said he is not compromised by his relationship with Fang, and says the controversy would not cost him his seat on the Intelligence Committee.

Swalwell said he first became aware that Axios was looking into Fang’s activities in July 2019, around the time he was ending his brief bid for the Democratic presidential nomination – during which he was a strong critic of the president.

While Fang interacted with other current members of the House, Swalwell believes the information was leaked to specifically target him.