August 10, 2022

5 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis accompanied wife to cancer treatment while critics claimed he was ‘missing’

  1. All you no goods on social media , if you had a heart, how you can be so hateful and nasty. you must of had a terrible mother who didn’t have time to teach you goodness in life, what a bunch of disgussing people you are you all need to be canceled.

  2. These loser liberals should be ashamed of themselves, I know that will never happen since they’re scum. If someone had this happen to them all we would hear is leave them alone with all they’re going through. Nothing is too low for a liberal.

  3. Democrats are digging their own grave! They have absolutely no compassion or decency in their veins! It sure makes it easier to vote in the next few elections when you compare the two parties!

  4. Governor De Santis loves his wife and wants to be with her to support her during treatment. If any of you scum bag losers have had to go through cancer treatment, you would know they are not painless, not comfortable, and make you very ill! How dare you be so inconsiderate of a fellow human bieng? Just shows that not one of you have the decency to have regard for human life! The Karma bus will be making a stop at your house, and you better not complain, you asked for it!

    1. Idiot aoc is the witch who started this. One consolation…they will meet their Maker, and no matter how many Bibles they carry ( they even haven’t open God’s word) to show the morons how ‘ spiritual they are’, they’ll end up where they belong…IN HELL, BURNING FOR ETERNITY!

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