What kind of New Year’s resolution is fitting after a year like 2021?

If last year’s festivities serve as a guide, the once-beloved New York City celebration now perfectly symbolizes the current state of the city (and most of the country) itself, where state funds and mechanisms have been weaponized against the majority to create sterility: an exclusive party where only the politically conformed and financially elite are free to live, laugh, and celebrate.

From a barricaded street, being served by masked stewards, those who celebrate for us – not with us – will assure America that a return to normalcy is a moment away, just as was promised on this night one year ago.

As America continues its descent, our lives become similar to that of a New Year’s Eve voyeur. For those who lost their businesses or jobs to regulations this year, watching the celebrity class congratulate themselves for their own perseverance is the closest they’ll come to success this year. Barred from entertainment or worship events, most Americans only experience living through televisions and social media characters.

More insulting than even the consolidation of wealth via government overreach, achievements most Americans don’t support are celebrated by this elite-minority with the zeal of a conquering army. The indoctrination of a generation has come to replace any existing form of morality. Above all, this ever-increasing assault on the minds of adults and children is viewed as a celebrated prerequisite of progress.

You are being replaced

A new record was set this year for the number of illegally entering (self-proclaimed) minors, with hundreds of thousands more on their way. When the negatives surrounding such an impactful phenomenon are dismissed for platitudes and fear of being labeled mean, our suicidally altruistic country is happy to shift the costs of these net-negative immigrants to the unborn – for they are the ones who are to be replaced.

Despite the suicidal gesture, no amount of self-flagellation is enough for the common American, who is told to not only be sickened by himself but sickened by his ancestors’ inability to conform to this very moment’s standard of peak morality.

Were we always destined to be the first majority in history to celebrate each step towards becoming a minority in our own country? If not, why are we told to ignore every conflict on the way towards that goal while covering the expenses for some not yet visible benefit? Remember, the reduction of people like you is what is considered progress.

You are a terrorist

2020 is the year the sitting president announced in a State of the Union Address that the War on Terror is no longer focused on Islamic extremists overseas; Americans who believe the state has grown too large are the new terrorists. As John Brennan said, there is an unholy alliance between religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, and libertarians to achieve some form of an insurgency movement.

The full extent of the American war and information-gathering machine can and will be used against Americans – sans any consideration of the Bill of Rights. Unlike in America’s past, this expansion is not hidden, as it was proudly announced during the most visible speech a president can make. This reduction of our 4th Amendment is what you’re expected to celebrate, like a slave grinning as his bunk-mate is whipped for trying to leave.

We’re to believe, as is endlessly reiterated, that burning a building down as a gesture towards creating equality is less of a threat than an unarmed conservative in a Viking outfit standing in a government building. It would seem the protection of the state is more important than the protection of any individual, which is profoundly antisocial.

You’re being controlled

The forces around us have united to destroy the American nation. As described by Jen Psaki, we see such unity each time the White House contacts Facebook about a meme. We see the control when politically connected whistleblowers – whose advisor worked for the same congresswoman who called for the Facebook investigation – and politicians drag a company through a public haranguing for the sin of allowing dissenting views to be published on a website.

We see the unity when media and tech companies refused to allow discussion of the strong probability that Covid was lab-created. We saw the same alliance when America was not allowed to hear about the Chinese connections and complete decadence of a presidential nominee’s son. So far, the battle against misinformation has been wholly focused on information later concluded to be valid, yet we persist despite that knowledge. As the headlines concur, this suppression should be celebrated.

Your money is vanishing

40% of US dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months, and we are drowning in calls for far more to be printed. You would need more fingers and toes than a human has to count each time a society unsuccessfully attempted to print itself out of ruin. However, in our current America, supporting spending to the point of bankrupting your grandchildren is a virtue. Anything else is viewed as hate and a betrayal of your neighbor. Our money machine is celebrated as it prints over our future.

The world – Mostly Europe – does hate us for our freedom

On the topic of goals, the much respected United Nations is not short on them. While America, like a victim of abuse, gives more than any other nation in term of immigrants taken in and money sent out, the organization ceaselessly campaigns to end our First Amendment through inflammatory rhetoric stating that our dangerous speech is seeping into other nations. Half our country agrees. The foreign organization tirades over our Second Amendment, writing long essays about global disarmament – and half our country agrees.

While China locks Muslims in concentration camps and their people in sweatshops, the UN creates videos filled with images of George Floyd and other unlucky criminals turned saints and calls for our societal reform – and half our country agrees. Worst of all, our money sent to the U.N. ( 22 percent of the total) goes to distributing developing nationers into every country with a welfare program and building the exact infrastructure outlined in China’s One Belt/One Road initiative. The call is simple: replace yourself as a superpower – and pay for it while being vilified.

Our Resolution

So tonight, at the dawn of a new year, when there is nothing to celebrate, we remain surrounded by celebration.

What is called progress is the death of individual liberty. It is the death of pride for one’s ancestors. It is the death of decency and any recognizable family structure. And it is the death of America as a superpower.

If we are viewed by all these forces as nothing more than an obstacle, let tonight be the death of our attempt at unity. Let us celebrate becoming the greatest obstacle we can be, for a smile and an attempt to reason with a beast that cackles each step towards a nightmare ending is fully inappropriate.

I call for secession, as the act has become as necessary as a surgeon cutting off a rotting limb to preserve any semblance of health in an organism. Groups in Florida, Iowa, and Texas have already begun this battle to close this chapter on the United States, and every responsible American must aid them in this ineluctable goal.

There is nothing left to celebrate. Tonight, I mourn my conception of the United Sates, for I’ll never entertain the notion again. Rather than that, we shall turn our efforts to preserving whatever parts are still living.

Most importantly, we will win. We will win because that is what our people do, and tonight marks the end of our people pretending we need anything from any other group on this planet. Tonight we respond to the hate and resentment of the outstretched palms under which we’re being smothered. Those who sell America out with their every breath and every regurgitated word have been heard enough for one lifetime. We respond to those who view our rights as threats and hope to shape us into servitude with two simple and clear words:

Never Again. Remember who we are – for Auld Lang Syne.