January 16, 2022

4 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Goes After Biden

  1. Obviously this neurotic girl has a head full of ego that the world listens to whatever she been force fed by Gorge Soros’s group. If the “science” WAS clear maybe we’d take it into consideration. In this country we don’t ride bicycles or skis. We need to be able to get to our daily lives and to do that energy is needed. All the bruhaha raised by this child is fed to her to stop all progress so the elitists can then take over the entire world. Oh yes, then Miss know it all would be the puppet the propagandists would put in front of the microphones, just like they do in China.

  2. Greta, have you ever thought about how much fossil fuel you have used to get from one place to the other? Jets need fuel, trains need fuel, vehicles need fuel (yes even evs need fuel to build plus mining and processing the components for batteries and rubber).By the way, what about the clothes you wear? Even if your clothing is cotton or wool it had to be processed. For you to get home, you had better be good at holding your breath if you plan on walking.

  3. Is climate change the reason for Greta’s 10 finger forehead??? This stupid girl should go away, don’t know why she thinks anyone would listen to her since she’s mentally ill.

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