August 19, 2022

5 thoughts on “Leftist Educator: “Parents Should Not Be Able to Decide What Their Children are Taught”

  1. Some do not want change in any way because it will interfere in what they want their children to learn. So just keep the USA children behind the rest of the entire Free World where parents or politicians have no say in the education of children only professional educators decide what will be taught and how it will be taught..

  2. Per this leftist, Nikole Hannah-Jones “parents should not have input into their children’s education”.? Since we pay for their education it remains our right to demand proper education. Not indoctrination which could be anything from worshipping the devil to spreading hatred towards others. Education means teaching not indoctrination at the whim of the teacher.

  3. There aren’t any decent teachers left anywhere they are all morons like Nikole Hannah-Jones. People go to college do be doctors or lawyers but when it gets too hard they give up and become teachers. I would never allow this kind of scum to educate my children, parents should just home school and put all these morons on unemployment.

  4. So Hannah-Jones is an example of the “woke” culture. It’s ridiculous. She is not a teacher, she has no degrees, she writes a crap piece called “1619 Project” and pushes it like CRT is being pushed. She is anti-American, a racist, a bigot, and must be a far-left liberal. Her “crap” piece of writing is filled with lies and smut and she receives a Pulitzer Prize for it. Like so many things nowadays, it is reverse racism and bias. If I had children in school, I would fight against her “1619 Project” and anything else she may come up with right along with CRT. Our children do NOT go to school to be indoctrinated or to become the left’s little Marxist’s soldiers as they would like.

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