June 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “Public Schools Sued for CRT Anti-White Indoctrination

  1. if you go down this path , soon everything will not be tolerated as in Nazi Germany , and we know how that ended up

  2. Children should be taught that, at one time in our history, some White people did have advantages over Black people in our society. They should also be taught that, during the 1960s, due to Affirmative Action, some Black people had advantages over White people. They should be taught that our nation’s Founding Fathers were against slavery, and saw it as a necessary evil if the nation was to stay together. Children should be taught that there were successful Black businessmen and Black millionaires in the antebellum times, and some Blacks owned slaves and saw no problem with it. These children should also be taught that, in this 21st century, that we should have learned enough by now to judge people by their attitudes and actions, not by their color or country of origin. Most Americans of all colors and races have no problem with that concept, but the few that demand that skin color alone must mean something prohibit the spread of that idea.

  3. CRT teaches that blacks are incapable of critical thinking, their worth should be based on colour instead of character and that they should be judged by a lower standard. THAT’S racist.

  4. CTR teaches that blacks have no critical or objective thinking abilities, no real worth beyond their colour, should be judged on their skin colour instead of abilities and character and should be judged by a lower standard. THAT’S racist!

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