August 19, 2022

6 thoughts on “Corrupt Pelosi’s husband seems to be a stock market genius

  1. She needs to be investigated. Nobody can flip a quarter without having a tails now and then. Her inside information made her family dirty rich.

  2. He isn’t a stock picking genius. He and his wife are both criminals, like most of the self proclaimed Washington elites.

  3. God has a special place for those two, in hell, unless they repent, change their ways and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

  4. Does anyone actually believe that Paul Pelosi is a genius stock trader? How about this? He bought electric car stock, just before Biden’s looser BBB made it clear that ALL CARS MUST BE ELECTRIC and made in a Union Shop. That’s dictiorial and because of Joe Manchin it will NOT be a big win for Pelosi’s strawman of a husband. How much money is enough? The ice cream blunder she made during the worst of the pandemic and the hair styling against the rules, show just what a nasty narcissist she is,with NO UNDERSTANDING of the people she thinks she RULES.
    No Nancy, you aren’t bullit proof, you made the mistake of thinking you will win always and get your way. You’ll find out what happens to over confident elitists in Novermer 22.

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