May 28, 2023

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s is Launching Woke New Diversity Initiative

  1. I am not interested in diversity when I go to MacDonald’s. All I care about is a hamburger and fries.

  2. Knock it off! Every person has the same opportunity no matter what their background. Work for it like everyone has had to! Typical socialism!

    We will not be supporting McDonald’s anymore. Tbeir food sucks anyways. We constantly have to go back through or wait for our order to be right. You want to pay employees more? They can’t even do their jobs right now!

  3. Their $4 Egg McMuffin is the barrier for me going to McDonald’s. I have a lot of other choices for that $4. I thought about getting a Breakfast Burrito the other day and they were $2 each in Iowa. Too rich for me.

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